25 Uplifts ($4/uplift)

25 Uplifts ($4/uplift)


The 25 uplift ticket is for serious chargers. People who have a full day of freedom and plan to make the most of every second, cranking out lap after lap before collapsing in a heap of happy exhaustion. Alternatively go halfsies with a mate and take advantage of $4 uplifts giving you a solid day of riding as well as lunch time banter. Valid for 3 months from purchase and shareable with your mates.

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Who’s this pass for?

This is for those of you who want too crank out a few sneaky laps after work on Friday or in between kids sports on the weekend. You’ll spend your time riding down while we take the pain out of the ups whisking you to the top in one of our shuttle vehicles

Whats The Total Cost of My Day At Dirt Farm?

Coupled with Dirt Farms Booking Fee * your 5 uplift session riding at the farm will cost you $50. If 5 uplifts haven’t satisfied that itch or you want to earn a few turns then feel free to either push up a lap or two or buy an additional uplift pass on the day.

How Long Is My Pass Valid For?

Your 5 uplift pass is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and is completely shareable with your mates.

  • Dirt Farms Booking Fee is mandatory for all riders at Dirt Farm and helps us to keep the park open to the public. The hope is that as our numbers increase year on year this booking fee will decrease until eventually it disappears, its all just a matter of getting us through the teething phase.