5 Uplifts ($6/uplift)

5 Uplifts ($6/uplift)


The 5 Uplift ticket gives you 5 downs without any of the ups! Its perfect if you are just trying to squeeze in a few runs after work on a Friday or if you just want to give Dirt Farm a wee whirl without committing to a full day of riding.

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Who’s this pass for?

This is for those of you who want too get in a few sneaky laps after work on Friday or spend your day sessioning jumps rather than cranking out laps.

Whats The Total Cost of My Day At Dirt Farm?

Coupled with Dirt Farms Park Pass your 5 uplift session at Dirt farm will cost you $60. If on the day 5 uplifts doesn’t satisfy that itch then feel free to either push up a lap or three or buy an additional uplift pass on the day.

How Long Is My Pass Valid For?

Your 5 uplift pass is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and is completely shareable with your mates.