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Ride. Roam. Relax. Repeat.



We Love TO DIG

Its that simple, we REALLY, REALLY love to dig! In fact the more we dig the happier we are.

But what good is digging sick trails if they are unridden and unloved? Well that’s where you come in. We’ve heard a rumour that you love to ride.

So if you love to ride and we love to dig, how about a deal. You keep riding our trails and we’ll keep building new ones for you!

In fact to show our commitment to this deal we’ve been hard at work over the past couple of years, digging, raking, slapping and painstakingly crafting 13 trails that will blow your mind and put a smile on every riders dial. Whether you are fresh into the sport or a god on a bike, we’ve got something for you.

So check out our trails, check out our pics and flicks AND then put that device down and get up here and show our trails some love by rolling your nobbly, rubber smile generators over our crafted dirt.



The working weeks behind you and the dirt’s calling your name. Our weekend sessions can help you make the most of those two short days, giving you miles under your tyres and smiles on your dials.

Designed to give you maximum bang for your buck, our sessions are six hours long with limited numbers of riders. Throw in two shuttle vehicles running continuously and you’ll spend your precious weekend taking advantage of gravity rather than battling against it.


What you get

  • six hours of shuttle assisted riding

  • With two shuttle vehicles working hard to make sure you get k’s under you tyres not welts under your arse (ALL the riding. NONE of the waiting)


be-SPOKE Sessions



So you’ve thrown off your mid week responsibilities, got a crew together and now your looking for somewhere to slash some dirt and get some k’s under your tyres. Or maybe your da boss looking for somewhere a little different to host a team event or customer focused session. Well Dirt Farm’s got you covered. Be-spoke Ride Sessions are all about you and your crew enjoying Dirt Farm YOUR way in YOUR time.

Starting from as little as $120/guest/ride session, Dirt Farm can turn up all the noise for your visit, with coaches available to give your crew tips and tricks, photographers on hand to capture the action, gourmet caterers ready to keep you fueled and all the other bells and whistles that can make a great day mind blowing.

So if you’ve got an idea, a date and a crew, fill in the inquiry form and we will sort out a session tailored to leave you and your com padres grinning from ear to ear.  



  • up to 13 mind blowing shuttle assisted runs over a four hour session

  • options available for groups of up to 24

  • Dedicated shuttle vehicle

  • optional ride coaches

  • optional catering

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Whether you want to improve on technical trails, progress on to bigger jumps or learn how to shoot sports photography. We'll be hosting free and paid clinics for you to attend. So stay tuned and we’ll let you know when you can get in on this action.