The Stoke is high

Welcome to dirt farm


What to expect

Don't expect too much and avoid disappointment, right? Forget that, you can expect a lot. It's awesome up here with some of the meanest trails around.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to send it huge or new to mountain biking and just wanting to ease your way in, we have something for you.

Dirt Farm is all about helping you to improve and we think the best way we can do that is by providing you with world class facilities, a sound ride crew and access to tips and tricks from the pros.

The first part is easy because we LOVE to dig dirt. This isn’t a job for us, its our passion and building amazing trails is how we want to spend our days. So you keep riding them, and we’ll keep building them!

Then there’s the crew. We believe that getting better is all about support and what better way to get that than through riding with a great crew. So at Dirt Farm you won’t see 100’s of people on the trails. Each session is nice and intimate, capped at 24 riders, meaning that not only will your session be filled with riding rather than waiting, but also there’s plenty of opportunity for you to meet new people and extend your ride crew. We’re all about encouraging new friendships...the rest is up to you.

Lastly there’s tips and tricks. Now I don’t know if we mentioned, but we aren’t pro riders, BUT we have teamed up with a gaggle of them from Bryn Dickerson’s, Fluid Lines. Fluid Lines will provide elite coaching services for anyone visiting Dirt Farm and wanting to nail their technique. Whether it be a bit of one on one tuition or a group session for you and your mates, Fluid Lines’ world class coaches have the experience and skill to cater their teaching to your needs.

Sounds sick right?! It is, and will be. This is the beginning of something amazing. Come be part of it!






Thanks for waiting

You might remember that this time last year we were set to throw open Dirt Farms gates and welcome you all in. Theeeeeen we discovered how long it ACTUALLY takes to tick the right boxes and get the nod of approval.

Fast forward 12 months and a few worn out BIC ballpoints and boom we’re finally good to go. Whoop whoop!

So thanks. Thanks for waiting and thanks for ALL your support!

We promise we will never stop building trails that put a smile on everyone’s dial!     


We're not just a bike park



We exist because we want to take New Zealand mountain biking to the next level. But we believe that we can only achieve that if we're constantly pushing one another. You don't have to be a world-class rider to contribute to our community-first ethos but you do have to buy in to the fact that together we can change the game.

Whether you're a future team rider, or a budding action sports photographer, we want you to come to the farm to learn, get better, and pass on what knowledge you have to others. Pay it forward and good things will come.

So if you think you have something to contribute, please get in contact


Yes we've shaped some berms, and built some jumps,  but we're dedicated to conserving the environment that we're fortunate enough to call home. There are several Dirt Farm initiatives in place to help keep our beautiful backyard the way in which we found but also to help it blossom into something even more incredible.

Trees for Trails - We are committed to planting one native tree for every rider we welcome up at the Farm. With up to 72 riders a day, that's a lot of bush.

Pest Control - We are working hard to decrease the number of pests in the area using the most humane pest control solutions possible.


The Dirt Farm Family



Since the idea was born, we've relied on the power of others to help realise this dream. People have helped plan, build, shoot, build and share Dirt Farm's vision. To all those involved so far, we thank you.

We're always on the lookout for more friends; and it's not that we're picky, but we really want our friends to share our values and sense of community. If you'd like to be a sponsor of the Dirt Farm family or contribute equipment or time to helping  us become bigger and better, then please get in touch.  Anything that is donated to the farm, goes back into the farm, allowing us to better support the community of riders, trail builders and photographers who form the heart and soul of Dirt Farm. 

So if you're an individual or brand that signs up to our ethos, then we would love to hear from you so drop us a message